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Zack AhYat

Zack AhYat

Financial Advisor

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An avid tennis and pickleball player and coach, Zack has a lifelong love for racquet sports. From an early age, Zack enjoyed the mental and physical challenges tennis presented and his participation in the sport blossomed from student and athlete into mentor and coach. Zack has built an amazing community of friends and family through his love of both tennis and pickleball. In fact, he was instrumental in bringing the first Special Olympics tennis team to Washington state. He travels locally and across the United States to compete in both tennis and pickleball on a national level. He also has tried his hand at some international play, when asked to coach some new-to-the-sport athletes on his vacation to Barcelona last spring. Perhaps more than the cardio, the community, and the competition, Zack is most compelled by the strategy and psychology of the game. Each move is made to intentionally set up the next several moves in the match. Zack takes a similar approach to financial advising. His approach is holistic, strategic, and takes into account all the factors that will impact his clients’ finances for many years to come. This is why he has such a love and affinity for what he does. 

When Zack isn’t planning for the financial future of his clients, or the future of his pickleball or tennis career, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Edee and their border collie lab, Luna at their home in Bothell. Zack and Edee are excitedly expecting a baby girl in November of 2023, their first.