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Julian McMahon, CPFA®

Julian McMahon, CPFA®

Financial Advisor

Julian joined the team at F-Squared Advisors in 2021. Originally based out of Bellevue, WA, he has since expanded his practice to Phoenix, Arizona. With a focus on business planning, retirement income planning, portfolio management and estate planning, Julian has built a reputation for providing expert guidance and unwavering support to help clients navigate their financial landscape.

Beyond his professional life, Julian finds joy and balance in various hobbies. As a sports enthusiast, he frequently engages in pickleball, chess, and ice hockey. This not only keeps him physically active but helps him maintain a strong sense of community outside of the office.

In Julian’s early twenties, he took the opportunity to travel the world; volunteering, embracing diverse cultures and encountering people from all walks of life. This enriching aspect of his life enhances his ability to connect with clients on a deeper level, regardless of their backgrounds. It also helps cultivate organic conversations around philanthropic tax-saving opportunities.